Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twisted Sister Console Table Called By Nova | Modern Furniture

The Twisted Sister Console Table doesn't have anything to do with the 80s heavy metal band except for the name and the materials. The aluminum metal base is plated in shiny silver and uses unique interlocking curved shapes to create a sturdy, modern table. A clear rectangular glass top supplies a functional surface that allows you to appreciate the base's simply artistry.

Since its founding in 1923, Nova has been known for quality, innovative lighting designs that add style to your home. Their original designs have a unique edge that helps express your personality even while performing the practical function of illumination. Based in Huntington Park, California, Nova specializes in lighting but also produces fine wall art, sculptures, mirrors, clocks, occasional tables, and more. In 2008, the company joined forces with the exclusive Jon Gilmore Designs in order to bring you an ever-finer line of innovative home fixtures to enhance your living space. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

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