Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turtle Speed

I am a turtle when it comes to home improvement. While some can slam out a painted room in a day, I take it slow and steady.Perhaps it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I take my time cutting in my paint lines just right, without taping, just using a good angled brush and a steady hand.
Maybe it's because my family needs time to adjust to change. The most common question asked when I'm doing any improvement is, "Why are you changing that???" (When I reply that it's just because I want to, they usually walk away confused.)
Then there is my simple love of savoring change---somewhat like eating a delectable dessert as slowly as possible so it can be enjoyed to it's fullest. I savor those giddy feelings as I watch my project go from an idea in my head to a reality in my home.
Such is the case with my dining room wall. I am delighted with it's transformation from antiqued green to "Blacktop"---the most deep and luscious gray/brown/green.My shelf has been stripped and primed. The antique tin has been released from years of paint, rust, and grime; a look I once loved but am ready for something new. I am so excited to add the final layers of glaze to both projects but it will be done at turtle speed so that both my family and I can appreciate the flavor of change.
Are you a rabbit or a turtle when it comes to home improvement projects?

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