Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rotate Coffee Table from Environmentally Friendly Nature wood, Oak Veneer | Creative Coffee Tables | Interior Furnitures

The Spline coffee tale is made from environmentally friendly nature wood, oak veneer. It features of four rotary plates in alveolar plated panels oak/ Thanks of the rotary plates that allow you to move, change and metamorphoses of the position as you want. The table comes in a size of 124 x 23 x 86 cm. The cool thing is that the table is available in ten panels of wood. So you can choose your own colors and create your coffee table that is matched with your interior decor. You can put it in your living room, I am sure your guest will impressed.French Designer Fred Rieffel has created the latest coffee table called Spline. It is small rotating coffee table that is designed for French manufacturer RocheBobois. First impression this table can be described as simple and elegant. But if you see more details, it looks so stylish. Inspired by nature, the Spline table not only perfect for any modern interior but also in many others.

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