Monday, March 28, 2011

Modern Spin Glass Doors From The Italian Company Rimadesio

The main idea of the Spin interior glass door design lies in the rigorous aesthetic concept that us part of all the items in the collection. The main characterizing element is the handle block, which harks back to some elements of rational design. The design provides a reversible, concealed hinge that makes it possible to reverse the opening direction, as well as guaranteeing very short assembly times. The exclusive telescopic aluminum jamb makes it possible to compensate for walls of differing thickness.

This Modern Spin glass doors design is an internal glass doors designed with magnetic locks that reflects the new approach to opening and closing mechanisms in exclusive design. This stylish and aesthetic home interior element or furniture could be an elegant solution for any modern home, apartment and office design. This cool aesthetic product is a range of modern interior glass doors collection from the Italian company Rimadesio that was dubbed as “Spin”.

See the picture below that will describe the spin glass door collection : The Spin door with frame and jamb in eco-walnut Canaletto finish; the swing version of the Spin door with aluminum frame in a titanium finish and reflecting grey glass; Spin slim swing doors with aluminum frame and glossy black lacquered glass; the built-in sliding Spin door with aluminum frame in titanium finish and reflecting grey glass; double swing Spin door with eco-walnut Canaletto frame and light-colored reflecting glass, handle with key in titanium finish.

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