Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modern Mirror For Decorative Wall

Monica Graffeo Mad Mirror By Monica Graffeo

Mirror with aluminium frame covered with stainless steel mesh. Available in the floor-standing or wall-hung version and illuminated from the rear by means of a neon light.

Marta Laudani and Roberto Romanelli Uno Più Uno Mirror By Marta Laudani & Roberto Romanelli

Mirroring-decorative element composed of a mirror mm. 5 thick with ground shiny edge and a reflecting lacquered glass with mirroring colored effect.The mirror is partially contained in a concavity cut out (with water jet) in the reflecting glass. The edges of the two slabs are perfectly matching.

Marcel Wanders Frame Mirror By Marcel Wanders

Material: extruded and anodized aluminium baroque profile with black MDF back panel and glass mirror.

Jasper Morrison Mirror Mirror By Jasper Morrison

Collection of square and rectangular mirrors available in different sizes, realized by gluing 45° laminated double faced mirror slabs .Two sizes are available as well with shelves in transparent glass, heat-sealed to the mirror. All the mirrors are provided with double vertical and horizontal fixture.

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