Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LZF's Pendant Lamp Called as Armadillo | Interior Lightings

As many other LZF’s lamp, Armadillo lamp is made from dozens of wood veneer squares. To produce the lamp, woods veneer are created by people, not machine. Lzf uses polywood, a technique they built using wood veneers and treating it with a polymer to seal and strengthen it. Using this technique, the veneer could be bent in new ways to make their products possible. The veneer is cut, folded and twisted into lamps of all sizes and forms, then packaged in-house. Lzf implies the texture of armadillo skin on this modern lamp design. The Armadillo lamp may become great modern pendant lamp in best interior house design.Lzf, Spanish lighting company has introduced the latest lamp design called Armadillo. This lamp is recently exhibited during Valencia Design Week. This contemporary lampshade design takes the animal imitating lamp design. As the name, Armadillo lamp gives the shape of Armadillo. That’s why this pendant lamp called as Armadillo.

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