Saturday, March 12, 2011

Izzue's Story

Hi everyone! Before i tell you anything, let me introduce my self first.
My name is Izzue.

I'm made by Aul, from a piece of "Paseo" tissue...
My name, Izzue, is a modification of Issue >>>Tissue.
Whatta cute name, right?

 Well, Aul -My creator- is an idiot student.
He also freak, but sometimes he's cool.

You know, he may confuse just because a little-not-important think. For example: he confused 'boud costume, when he would show a traditional dance for his group's last art practice exam. But finally, his friend fixed it by borrowing a shirt.

Although he's still a high student, he had started his career as a writer in a local newspaper (West sumatra and surrounding areas). But he said, "Writer isn't my career. I just write for fun as a hobby". Whatta idiot reason i think. haha... And do you know how idiot he is? He take photos during the editorial meeting.

Aul is a freak boy who love to eat. He always watch a cooking program -by Farah Quinn- on Trans TV every monday morning. Last monday, his favourite chef came to Padang Town. And you know what? He escaped from his course when the break times, just for seeing his favourite chef cook directly. Ckckck...

Aul is a freak boy who love to laugh and smile. He also loves his friends, even sometimes they make him annoyed. Friendship is precious, he said.

He is idiot, but a lil bit of smart. He get an opportunity to enter a university with a special way (SNMPTN undangan / PMDK). He pick English faculty as a choice. Look at his not important expression, when he's showing his registration card. Let's wish him luck :)

This is his participant card. Well, he will face a school final exam next Monday, March 14 2011.
Let's wish him luck [again]. haha... :)
Maybe for the next few days he will rarely blogging because of his exam. But don't worry, he will read your comments, although he probably could not reply them immediately.

And next....
Upss!! Sorry Guys!
I think Aul will abuse me more cruel if i don't stop my story soon... Ouch...
Sick, Aul...!!

Err, See Yaa!!

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