Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Create Your Dream Kitchen | Kitchen Ideas

Today we will continue with the dream kitchen. We need to remember and keep in mind that sink also plays important role. Plan to have your fridge close at hand to gain easy food prep. And close proximity to your hob will make it easier to drain anything you need to drain, including your pasta and vegetables.

Now let’s keep on moving. What you need to do now to think about storage. Think about the areas where you’re going to store your food and what you need around them. Worktops are great next to fridges and freezers as it makes unpacking so much easier and you can get things quickly.

In your kitchen, you need to remember that you need to avoid crossing the kitchen with hot pots and pans. You need to think and picture frame the design of placing the oven and hob near the sink and worktops. Placing near the sink will really help as when things go wrong (fire), you can easily put the flame down.

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