Tuesday, March 29, 2011

he Asami Light Sofa Cozy And Comfortable Built In LED Mood

The Asami Light Sofa is the latest products that feature built-in LED lights. The LED mood lights could be changed by handling via remote control. There are 7 fixed colors and an additional rotation of 21 that you can choose. This sofa has functional design because featured a modular design that allow you to choose your own shape, big or as shapely as you need. There are outdoor version and indoor version of Asami Light Sofa. The outdoor version comes from materials that could withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you kind of people who have moods that often change, it might be suit for you. The Asami Light Sofa is very cozy and comfortable sofa that equipped with mood lights, so you can express your mood by choosing the light. With experiences more than 90 years, Colico as one of the original Italian furniture manufacturing has manufactured elegant and good looking furniture called Asami Light Sofa.

The Asami Light Sofa is perfect for your entertainment or living room as it can adapt the color theme or mood of the place quickly by pressing a button. Frankly, this sofa represents a combination of contemporary technology and a fashion of the future design.

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