Friday, March 25, 2011

Harlequin Lighting Which Suits Every Mood By Ellen Tanoemarga

Harlequin serves both function and aesthetics. The shape of Harlequin was greatly influenced by the Cirque du Soleil’s quirky characters, fantasy tales and dreams. All wrapped up in Harlequin’s fluid form of a modern lighting product. The product could become the chameleon of the world of lighting.

Harlequin is inspired by the eccentricities and mind-boggling fantasies of the circus, in combination with the radiant, ever-changing north light, aurora. It uses long lasting RGB LEDs, which are connected to a controller, allowing adjustments of the intensity of each hue, thus resulting in numerous combinations of colors to suit different moods and atmospheres, highlighting its versatility as a mood light. Thanks to that Harlequin could change the mood in any interior without any troubles. It’s perfect not just for using at home but for public spaces like bars, clubs or offices too. It could provide any color from angry and vibrant red, romantic pink-purple hues to soothing blue-green, to suit any event.The concept of the design belongs to Miss Ellen Tanoemarga.

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