Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Futuristic Loop Coffe Tables Furnitures By Baita designs | Interior furnitures

The loop coffee table is suitable for two people because its surface features of two separate tabletops. The surface creates the overall look of the coffee table. It creates minimalist and quiet futuristic look. The coffee table is available in various colors and combinations of veneer, and birch ply or MDF. With Spray Lacquered Walnut veneer on the inside highlights the sweeping curve of the wave, the may appear to be fragile, but it is pretty much durable to bear heavy weight. In addition, the frail loop does the balancing act by relying on two small, almost invisible, transparent acrylic bars, beneath the table. I am sure this table will impress everyone. Brazil-based Baita Design has introduced the latest coffee table design called Loop. Inspired by the spiral shape of roller coasters loops, the table takes its design from the effect of tucking loops into one another. This amazing table looks like an overgrown twist tie. This incredibly chic and playful piece is definitely more durable. It has clean-cut and eye-catching design, so it will easily become the centerpiece of any living space.

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