Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fossa Sofa by Aurélien Barbry

The furniture designer describes design as “An exercise where you think about the most simple things in your daily life and ask yourself why you do like you do or how it could be done differently.” Barbry doesn’t want to design furniture which is commonly found in today’s market furniture and so out of that thought Fossa Sofa was introduced. Unlike any other sofa this simple sofa design is multifunctional as it can act as a sofa and a lounger when cushions are added or removed from the slots at the seat.Humans play such a significant role in designing. From architectural building, fashion and up to the furniture world there are thousands and even millions that humans have produced and they’re all not just in the same styles and forms. For Aurelien Barbry designing isn’t just about the object of your design.

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