Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Binic Lamp Comes In Small Size Aand Fun | Table Lamp

Binic is much more than great graphic design that combines functionality with minimal bulk. This contemporary lamp comes in six different colors. They are dense tones of white, green, amaranth, orange, petrol and grey. Thanks of its color that easily harmonizes with a range of domestic environments. It is perfect for a study, child’s or adult’s bedroom or a personal area in a living room.

Binic Lamp comes in small size and fun, colorful and unusual shape that evokes immediate affection. Its appeal rests in its perfect design and great attention to detail. The conical base comes in satin aluminum. Thanks of material it creates a pleasant contrast to the shiny polycarbonate projector, enclosed in a simple inclined screen that spreads the light evenly.

Foscarini has presented the latest lamp design called Binic Lamp. It is designed by French designer Ionna Vautrin. Binic Lamp is a small lamp that has it all such as fun, simple lines and purity. Inspired by a lighthouse on the coast of Brittany, the region Ionna Vautrin comes from, the lamp is named like the name of little lighthouse on that region, Binic. Binic’s curious shape recalls the “wind socks” that are used as ventilation systems on sailing ships.

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