Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awesome Wine Cellar for Modern Room Design – Opale by Sand&Birch

The Opale is an awesome wine cellar, witch has been presented by Sand&Birch last year. This wine cellar stands out by its amazing modern design, which could decorate even the trendiest rooms. The extra-luxury refrigerated wine-cellar looks very elegant and is made in fashionable black and white colors. Its glossy finish can perfectly harmonize with glossy lacquered furniture characterized by a modern minimalist style. It is around two meters high and can store up to around 60 bottles of wine. In addition to the amazing design this wine cellar has many technologically advantages. For example its doors has an automatic opening that can be activate by a remote control-zapper or by a touch. On the inside Opale is lighted up by a Led lighting system and comfortable accommodation of bottles. You could to manage temperature and humidity and so create the excellent conditions to store your favorite wine. You could find more information on Sand&Birch site [via].

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