Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artistic And Functional Lighting By Clemens Tissi

The Light Crate lamp comes in white color design that produced very attractive, artistic value and beauty your room. The lamp can serve as a table or floor lamp with elegant design. You can assemble each piece, so the lamp can be adjusted due to your needs. Each of this elegant lamp is made from simple MDF and hand-painted either white or light grey. This lamp is one piece of furniture design with simple and multifunctional design. I am sure this new Light Crate would bring new atmosphere in your room.

If you want a functional design furniture table that able to brighten up your room, here is the answer. Swiss-born, Berlin-based Clemens Tissi has created the latest lamp design called the Light Crate (Lichtkiste in German). It is new lamp that has many functions, such as to put the book, as well as indoor decoration. You can store up your books in style or just brighten up your room.

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