Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The AD46/10 Lamp Inspired By ARCO | Interior Lighting

The AD46/10 lamp combines the designer favourite shape for a light installation-widely arching over the sofa-with a graceful geometry and a modern and beautiful sincerity of materials, without being brutalist. The lamp has style and scale. It is perfect into any contemporary or minimalist space and of course it is also suitable for a workshop or a loft with an industrial edge, or simply in a trendy living room. So for you who really enjoy unusual lamp with modern style, you should have this one.Paris-based designer Romain Duclos has presented his newest project called AD46/10 lamp. I don’t even know what the meaning of AD46/10 because I did not find more information about it. But it is described as a foot gray concrete with an artful metal frame that are supporting the red electrical wire and a round and shiny steel lampshade. AD46/10 lamp is an arched lamp that resembles a fishing road and sits on a concrete base. Its general shape is obviously inspired by the ARCO.

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