Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turtle Speed

I am a turtle when it comes to home improvement. While some can slam out a painted room in a day, I take it slow and steady.Perhaps it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I take my time cutting in my paint lines just right, without taping, just using a good angled brush and a steady hand.
Maybe it's because my family needs time to adjust to change. The most common question asked when I'm doing any improvement is, "Why are you changing that???" (When I reply that it's just because I want to, they usually walk away confused.)
Then there is my simple love of savoring change---somewhat like eating a delectable dessert as slowly as possible so it can be enjoyed to it's fullest. I savor those giddy feelings as I watch my project go from an idea in my head to a reality in my home.
Such is the case with my dining room wall. I am delighted with it's transformation from antiqued green to "Blacktop"---the most deep and luscious gray/brown/green.My shelf has been stripped and primed. The antique tin has been released from years of paint, rust, and grime; a look I once loved but am ready for something new. I am so excited to add the final layers of glaze to both projects but it will be done at turtle speed so that both my family and I can appreciate the flavor of change.
Are you a rabbit or a turtle when it comes to home improvement projects?

Cascade Swivel Coffee Table | Modern Furniture

Mix fun and function with the uniquely-designed Cascade Swivel Coffee Table. Three tiered circular tempered glass tops swivel on a chrome-plated metal base. A clean, modern design adds fresh character to your living space while providing much-needed storage space for everyday life. Some assembly may be required.. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Noguchi Coffee Table | Modern Furniture

A modern masterpiece! The stunning Noguchi Coffee Table is based on the brilliantly simple design created by the world renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi in 1944. Noguchi is celebrated for his surrealist style that blends Japanese and American cultures, and this reproduction coffee table perfectly captures his creative spirit.

Displaying an extraordinary harmony of form and function, the table is comprised of only three elements - the glass top and two interlocking wood base pieces. The sculpted base interlocks at one edge to form a stable tripod for the triangular, 0.75-inch transparent glass table top with a round beveled edge. Choose your finish to create a distinctive, contemporary character with a flair that can only be Noguchi's. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Glasses Chintaly Sabrina Coffee Table | Modern Furniture

The Chintaly Sabrina Coffee Table harks perfectly to Le Corbusier's modular ideals: Four thin rectangular blocks that form the base of the table are in perfect proportion to the clear, tempered glass top - and, well, they're just harmonious, aren't they? Durable stainless steel is beautiful, as well, making this a simple, classic contemporary piece for any modern living room. You won't want to clutter it with too many collectibles and books, but go ahead and use it. Form does follow function, after all. Coordinates with other Chintaly Sabrina collection pieces and comes with a one-year limited warranty. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit sabrina Site.

Nexera Concept Coffee Table with Drawer | Modern Furniture

The Nexera Concept Coffee Table with Drawer makes an adept conversation piece with an inviting see-through design that ties the room together. Timeless cinnamon cherry finish creates instant attraction and supports traditional and modern motifs. Four shelves provide plenty of storage space for magazines and books, in addition to the extra storage space provided by a single drawer. Dense engineered wood (MDF) construction withstands warping, and a durable laminate finish resists water, stains, and scratches, ensuring years of use. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Nexera Eclipse Coffee Table in Biscotti and Black | Modern Furniture

Brighten your living room with the fresh and inviting style of the Nexera Eclipse Coffee Table in Biscotti and Black. This contemporary coffee table features a dual tabletop design, open storage, one central drawer, and two side cubbies. The innovative double-tabletop design creates open storage space for books, newspapers, and magazines below the tabletop. Tuck remote controls, media, and coasters into the drawer or inside the cubbies to keep your living room tidy.

This modern coffee table is made of sturdy wood. The clean, crisp lines and light biscotti finish make it fit in well with today's popular furniture styles. The black drawer front adds a dash of contemporary flair to the naturally inspired table. A slim drawer handle and 3-inch-high brushed stainless steel legs enhance the sleek, fresh style of this fashionable and practical coffee table. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Nexera Brooklyn Coffee Table in Espresso | Modern Furniture

Finesse and function combine to create this exceptional coffee table. The Nexera Brooklyn Coffee Table in Espresso features an impressive removable serving tray. Load up the tray with drinks, bring it into the living room, and return it to its proper position on the coffee table top. You can even store tall glasses or beverages in the convenient open storage space under the removable tray. Two additional cubby spaces on the sides provide easy-to-access storage for newspapers, books, and magazines. A dark espresso finish and sleek metal feet enhance the clean, modern style of this sturdy wood coffee table. Simply designed but incredibly useful, this contemporary coffee table is the perfect accent table for your modern entertainment room.

Nexera, whose name is a combination of the words next era, is a Canadian manufacturer of affordable ready-to-assemble furniture known for its innovative, cosmopolitan style. At their factory in Laval, Canada, Nexera employees utilize state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture their modern furniture collections, including bedroom collections, entertainment furniture, office furniture, and utility furniture.

From start to finish, Nexera upholds high standards of care for the environment when making their furniture. All raw material (particle board) originates from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests only, and energy used comes from renewable sources only, such as hydro-electricity and windmill power. Nexera meets the CARB (California Air Resources Board) requirements for clean air, and it recycles over 92% of its factory waste. Nexera products are packaged with 100% recycled fibers. Because of the materials they are constructed with, Nexera products are also able to be recycled at the end of their life cycle, which reduces landfill waste. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Eleven Adjustable Table | Modern Furniture

This modern adjustable table features the ability to rise to the occasion. Its clever design enables the top to go from 16.5 inches high to over 29 inches high. The frosted glass tabletop also flips open to double its surface area. Enhance your decor with the ultra-modern combination of the glass tabletop and the satin finished steel legs. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Contour Coffee and End Tables Set | Modern Furniture

Ultra-modern decors get a course in retro pizzazz! Your pad becomes a bastion of style with this groovy Contour Rolling Coffee Table and End Table package. The arched shelves and open spaces make these components attractive focal points. Made of solid bentwood, these tables are finished with a quality wood veneer that smooth out the edges. Steel accents and four casters finish each piece. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Twisted Sister Console Table Called By Nova | Modern Furniture

The Twisted Sister Console Table doesn't have anything to do with the 80s heavy metal band except for the name and the materials. The aluminum metal base is plated in shiny silver and uses unique interlocking curved shapes to create a sturdy, modern table. A clear rectangular glass top supplies a functional surface that allows you to appreciate the base's simply artistry.

Since its founding in 1923, Nova has been known for quality, innovative lighting designs that add style to your home. Their original designs have a unique edge that helps express your personality even while performing the practical function of illumination. Based in Huntington Park, California, Nova specializes in lighting but also produces fine wall art, sculptures, mirrors, clocks, occasional tables, and more. In 2008, the company joined forces with the exclusive Jon Gilmore Designs in order to bring you an ever-finer line of innovative home fixtures to enhance your living space. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Black Bunch Metal Coffee Table | Modern Furniture

Out with the old, in with the new. Bring your home decor to a new level of style with the beautiful Black Bunch Metal Coffee Table. Order one table for a perfectly shaped end table, or order two and "bunch" them together for a fresh alternative to the traditional coffee table. Plus, you can express yourself with the clear glass shelf that sits six inches below the top. It creates a shadowbox effect that's perfect for potpourri, candles, books, photos, or collectibles. The black-finished metal frame adds a touch of elegance to match almost any decorative scheme. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Glasses And Stylish End Table | Modern Furniture

This stylish End Table brings an interesting bend to any interior theme. The generous glass top connects to a supportive chrome arm. The stylish chrome sweep fixes securely to a sturdy polished black base. Quality materials ensure long lasting use in a versatile design.A contemporary accent with subtle seduction, the End Table gives a unique look to a variety of living room designs. Some assembly may be required. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Site.

Glasses Coffee Table Called By Lujuria | Modern Furniture

The Lujuria Coffee Table offers a bold, modern look for any living room. A stunning, curved-glass surface creates a large table top and a lower shelf that's perfect for magazine storage or display space. The steel frame beautifully counterbalances the glass and finishes this piece in style. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Lujuria Site.

The Pasos Nesting Table Called By Zuo Modern

Zuo Mod designs products with a simple philosophy in mind: clean, modern shapes combined with classic colors. All Zuo Mod products are put through rigorous processes to ensure quality materials and production, ensuring that your item reaches you in top condition. Yet Zuo pieces are modestly priced for today's consumers. Zuo works to inspire a sense of value and worth along with the significance of aesthetics. If it passes the "wow, this feels solid" test, along with the "this looks amazing" and the "what a great price" test, you know it's a Zuo product. If you like it how to buy this furniture visit Zuo Site .

I wanna throw up!

Hi guys...
Hufth... I'm very tired lately. My school bussiness just getting worse.
"Study... study... study..." That's the title. Imagining the National exams makes me feel like throwing up.

It's annoying when you have to read books over the day. And what makes me sick is my brotha get a long holiday while i'm stuck in this moment. ARGH...!!
A lil longer to learn, then I will be as smart as an owl


Talking of owl, i have a good info...
My online magazine, "Aul-Owl Online Magazine" will be launching on the end of April! YAYY!!

Click here if you don't mind to see it :) 
Isn't it cool...??

( Maaf deh, pake bahasa inggris nge-post nya. Walaupun 'siapa tahu' banyak salahnya sih. haha. No problem. Namanya juga belajar. Ya memang harus salah-salah dulu sebelum benar. Bahkan, bukankah kesalahan itu guru paling baik...? :)
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Two of my neighbor, gimme awards. Hurray...!!

This fragrance and cute award is from Dhira. No matter the award looks girly. An award given by someone is an honorary for me, and my blog. seriously. Thanks so much Dhira!

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And I'm really shocked knowing this is my 55th and 56th awards :))
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Acrylic Pool Coffee Table by Freshwest | Creative Coffe Tables

Creative idea from Freshwest has perfectly create the Fresh furniture from the oven, this table able to remind everyone seeing it of a real swimming pool, in fact even if you don’t want and don’t like swimming you will be tempted to go swimming. With the height of 31 cm, length of 122 cm and width 90cm it’s one coffee table which creates the perfect serenity of still water. The table itself is made from acrylic base and so does the accessory at the end of it.

Clean And Simple Coffee Tables For Minimalist Home Called By Pandora

The cover area on top which is made of Cristalplant on the niche there can be removed and used as a tray to serve that coffee of yours. It’s practical indeed and also simple. It’s suitable for your minimalist interior. You can place this small practical coffee table next to your sofa if you wanted to. If there’s a Pandora box then there’s a Pandora coffee table. Pandora coffee table is designed by Anzalone Bistacchi. It has a very good smooth sculptural shape in pure white which is hanging on a minimal lightweight steel base. Aptly named Pandora because of the hidden storage feature located in the middle area of this coffee table.

Rotate Coffee Table from Environmentally Friendly Nature wood, Oak Veneer | Creative Coffee Tables | Interior Furnitures

The Spline coffee tale is made from environmentally friendly nature wood, oak veneer. It features of four rotary plates in alveolar plated panels oak/ Thanks of the rotary plates that allow you to move, change and metamorphoses of the position as you want. The table comes in a size of 124 x 23 x 86 cm. The cool thing is that the table is available in ten panels of wood. So you can choose your own colors and create your coffee table that is matched with your interior decor. You can put it in your living room, I am sure your guest will impressed.French Designer Fred Rieffel has created the latest coffee table called Spline. It is small rotating coffee table that is designed for French manufacturer RocheBobois. First impression this table can be described as simple and elegant. But if you see more details, it looks so stylish. Inspired by nature, the Spline table not only perfect for any modern interior but also in many others.

Futuristic Loop Coffe Tables Furnitures By Baita designs | Interior furnitures

The loop coffee table is suitable for two people because its surface features of two separate tabletops. The surface creates the overall look of the coffee table. It creates minimalist and quiet futuristic look. The coffee table is available in various colors and combinations of veneer, and birch ply or MDF. With Spray Lacquered Walnut veneer on the inside highlights the sweeping curve of the wave, the may appear to be fragile, but it is pretty much durable to bear heavy weight. In addition, the frail loop does the balancing act by relying on two small, almost invisible, transparent acrylic bars, beneath the table. I am sure this table will impress everyone. Brazil-based Baita Design has introduced the latest coffee table design called Loop. Inspired by the spiral shape of roller coasters loops, the table takes its design from the effect of tucking loops into one another. This amazing table looks like an overgrown twist tie. This incredibly chic and playful piece is definitely more durable. It has clean-cut and eye-catching design, so it will easily become the centerpiece of any living space.

Minimalist And Plain Smooth Lowbay Coffe Tables |

Adding a Few Coats

The weatherman has predicted warmer weather (finally!).
And while many will be shedding their coats,
this area of my home is calling for me
to put on a few coats today.I'm so happy to finally be able to do some painting!
Do you have happy plans for today?

Ogle Pendant Lamp | Interior Lightings

This cool Ogle pendant lamp has the functionality of a spotlight combined with the elegance of a pendant lamp. Designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love for the Swedish lighting manufacturer, Atelje Lyktan. [via]