Monday, February 14, 2011


Now, I'm probably going to lose a lot of my followers when you find out what one of my birthday presents was.
Many women would be yearning for diamonds, a little something in gold, a designer handbag, a holiday in Tuscany or the like but, what did I have ? ......... a pair of weathered, distressed, grey/blue French shutters !!!!
I came downstairs on my birthday, and there they were.
Mr. Home had got them all on his own..... and, they are not the easiest present to hide !!!! It would have been a lot easier if I had wanted an eternity ring !! haha.

Peeling grey/blue paint, rusty hinges and latches ........ perfect. I LOVE them.

                                                 .....  AND .....

 ....... look what I managed to do ..... all by myself.....without the help from any member's of my family.... nor friend's......or neighbours..... or wine ..... A COLLAGE !!!!
I am very pleased with myself ..... all of this from a 60 year old ....even though I now haven't a clue where all of my photographs have gone  or how to retrieve them. ha ha.

 ........ and finally, I must thank each and everyone of you for your lovely comments and birthday wishes......they made my birthday even more special so many, many thanks.
.....and, a very special thank-you to my Aussie mate Mill's of  The Laurel Hedge.
Millie wrote a special birthday post, just for me, which is going way above and beyond the duties of a blogger and is such a kind, and special thing to do so many, many thanks Mill's.
and also to the lovely Deej of Dustjacket Attic who did another very personalised and beautiful birthday post for my big 6-0. 
You're a couple of great Aussie girls to do that for me. I am very flattered.  

I am off to London tomorrow, for a couple of days, to celebrate some more of my birthday.....London Style.

I'll tell you what I got up to when I return .


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