Monday, February 28, 2011

Small Rooms Decoration with Google Accesories | Home Design Ideas

last night I plan to paint the walls of my room, but I also think to rearrange my room. then I made the designs for the rooms are not too wide for me.

in the concept of interior design in this room brings minimalist home design with brown theme with white domination. I made a bookshelf and a desk tv. do not forget to give me the audio device because I like listening to music and watching movies.

two pairs for my lamps create a romantic impression. because I like to add my google paper ornaments made of cardboard furniture, which reads Google :)

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Simple Book Case | Interior Furniture

This bookcase can be in the set into two forms, namely vertical and horizontal. that will enhance your child’s bedroom. This bookcase can also beautify your home interior if placed appropriately.
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Colorful Closets

Simple Joys...those glimpses of life that we should take time embrace, the reminders that it's the small and simple things that make life beautiful.

The closets of our home are full of color. . . . .
even when there are no clothes hanging in them. For nearly half of my mother's life she has been making these
yarn covered hangers
. (A tutorial can be found HERE)
She has literally made hundreds of them for family and to give as gifts.
I remember taking a trip with a college friend when I was in my late teens. My mom put a bundle of these homemade hangers into my suitcase for me to give as a hostess gift for my friend's relative whose home we stayed. I was proud as well as a little embarrassed (the mixed emotions of a teenager) to present the made-by-hand gift.These colorful hangers have been a part of my life for most of my life. They remind me of my mother's creative and hardworking hands, and of her giving spirit.
They are a simple joy.
Do you have a made-by-hand simple joy?


It is now time to draw a line under my birthday. I have milked it for all it's worth and it's now time to call it a day. ......but, not before I tell and show you all, some of the things that I have been getting up to over the last month..........

First, it was dinner at ' The Sun ', a local restaurant ..........

Then, it was off to Harrods in London..........

We went straight to the Food hall and to ..........

The Champagne and Oyster Bar. We made the most of that stop and then it was off to The Royal Albert Hall.

We had tickets for the Cirque du Soleil.

Opposite the Royal Albert Hall is the Albert Memorial, built by Queen Victoria, in memory of her beloved husband.  One of Mr. Home's relatives had something to do with the design or building of if but, I'm not sure which part he was involved in !!

I also went to see 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. It was brilliant..... funny,  fantastic music,  quite rude and a whole lot of fun.

Then, it was dinner at 'Brown's' ..... I won't bore you all with the finer details of all the meals that I have consumed over this past month.

Oh, another restaurant that I went to. This is Smiths of Smithfield. We went there with our children. It is one of John Torode's restaurants....he of Masterchef fame. It was lovely and had the most wonderful view of St. Paul's Cathedral and The City.

I then went to The Champagne Bar at King's Cross, St. Pancras. This was to start off a few days stay in London.

We stayed in an hotel very close to Buckingham Palace. It was just a short and lovely walk through Green Park to get to .....

...... The Ritz, for tea.

This was our waiter and the man sitting down to the right was there with his wife,  for his 80th birthday !

They bring tea and sandwiches and the most delicious cakes you ever did see. The middle tier is empty and they bring warm scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam when you've finished your sandwiches. They are the most wonderful scones you have ever tasted in your life....and, I've tasted a few in my time !!

They then surprised me with a birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday !!

Said cake is then put in a beautiful 'The Ritz' box for one to carry home. How lovely was that ?

As we were so close, we thought that we would just pop into Fortnum and Mason. I used to work in this area and always went into Fortnum and Mason to buy Christmas present's, especially for my Mum and Dad.

We finished that day off by seeing 'Wicked' at The Apollo.

Had to go and have a look at Anthropologie of course.

The wall's are a living wall of lush, green plants.....

.......... it is just worth going there for the displays alone.

Back at the hotel, it was time to get ready to go  .....

Back past Buckingham Palace ( with a little wave to Her Majesty as we passed !!)

down a little Mayfair cul-de-sac to .....

* The Icebar * !!

Self explanatory, I think !!

Cocktail's in ice glasses ....

That's me in the cape that they give you to keep the chill off.....and gloves that are on elastic, just like you had when you were little, to hold your glass with. Not the most flattering of outfits but, nessessary ! It was great fun and we met lots of people from all over the world.

Then, down to the restaurant, 'Below Zero'  to have dinner.

Well, I'm partied out for another year..... although, maybe just one more glass of Champagne wouldn't hurt !!

image 1 - via visualize.Us, image 36 - via go london, image 37 - via daily news, image 39 by Daniel Jackson..... all other images by me.