Thursday, January 20, 2011

Women think about food more than sex

This has been a very interesting survey. According to it, 25 % of women think about food every half an hour & 10 % think about sex over the same time span.

This survey was carried out by a slimming group & they interviewed 5000 men & women. But some women feel bad about their eating habits.

  • 60% of women in relationships are not happy eating in front of their partner
  • 50% of women in relationships are shy undressing in front of their partner
  • 40% of women feel as though they are constantly dieting
  • 13% of women choose low-calorie meals instead of what they would actually like when eating out

Many women even pretend that they are on a diet. I know such people. They haven’t shed any weight in all these years but they pretend to be on a diet every time we meet them. And some women believe that everyone else is on a diet, cause they are on a diet. When my sister got ill last year, her doctor was adamant that she wasn’t ill, cause she didn’t seem ill. Instead she told me that she was on a diet & yet she eats everything. She thought that I had been on a crash diet. She also suggested few tests to me. It was really too much, but people presume everything just by looking at someone who is not as fat as them.

I don’t know about others but I don’t think about food or sex after every half an hour. It’s not possible.

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