Friday, January 21, 2011

Woman tortured for taking a short cut

A woman was tortured in Uch Shareef as she dared to take a short cut to reach her home. You’re supposed to take permission of landlords of that particular land & this woman was in a hurry as it was already very dark.

Nasreen Elahi has 2 children & she has a small land of her own. After she was done with work, she took the shorter route through the fields & that land belonged to Saleem. 4 men out of no where came & started beating her with sticks & they also cut her with a scythe. She doesn’t remember much & the next thing she knows is that she woke up in the hospital. She has severe injuries but she will survive.

She was left in the nearby field & her son found her when he heard the rumor that someone has been beaten. An FIR has been registered against Saleem but he has escaped.

Although we do not report about such incidents every day, but they occur on a daily basis. They have no respect for women. They don’t mind hitting them & it doesn’t matter if anyone dies. The culprits always manage to escape. But, for the most part, people in our part of the world are busy judging Veena Malik. There are bigger issues at hand & there can be nothing right about any kind of abuse.I think how they are judging & bothering Veena Malik - that is also one form of abuse. They are mentally harassing her.

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