Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When Sons Will Kill Their Parents?

Just when Governor Salmaan Taseer was killed on Jan 4th and we are all aware of that story, which is not be to discussed here. In the same light, another murder took place. The parents of Justice Javed Iqbal were killed in Lahore. It was rumored that this murder was linked with Salmaan Taseer's killing as well. Perhaps, linking it with the fact that most people didn't support Salmaan Taseer's stand.

But now it is pretty much clear that this was a totally different case altogether and murderer thought he would run away with the murder when the country is lost amidst the former governor's death and endless support of his murderer who is being treated  like a hero. 

Justice Javed Iqbal's parents were killed by nobody but their own blood - their son of Naveed Iqbal. He has confessed it himself that he is responsible for the murder of his parents. His phone records confirm his statement. He killed his parents on property dispute.

So, it is quite a sad situation and very sad times when our own blood is killing those who bore us and take care of us for piece of land. This is definitely not a good scenario. We should hope for some light. Satan doesn't have to do much work now that men have taken his job.

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