Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Woman Want In a Man

I just read this…it’s interesting, but it’s a lot of hard work. I really don’t think anyone is worth all this trouble. I also had to edit as it was too long but I’m sure you’ll get the picture. Anyhow, here it is & it’s good info:

Once you know what she wants, you then have the power to appeal to any woman and make her want you.

First Things First

Within three minutes of meeting her, a woman will evaluate you, judge you and stereotype you by your first impression. Despite this being an unreasonable way to judge a person, women do this to almost every man she meets.

Make those first crucial minutes work FOR you, not against you. What is communicated and observed during your first few minutes meeting a woman will dictate your future relationship with that woman: you may become friends, lovers, or possibly remain strangers.

We are all guilty of judging others based solely on their physical appearances, and our personal prejudices and shortcomings. As shallow as that may be, it’s true. You must use this judgment period to your advantage. This time is your most valuable opportunity to portray your most attractive qualities. The best way to make your first impression work for you is to adjust your physical appearance for greatest results.

Dress to Impress

By taking care of how you look, and by showing some style, you show women that you really care about your presentation - and women notice!

Look Your Best… Always!

You should always take the time to look your best whenever you go out. You never know when you may have the opportunity to meet a stunning, beautiful woman - the grocery store, public place, or coffee shop.

If you wear a well put-together outfit you will look sharp and portray more confidence.

So if you want to have more sex appeal, wear something that makes you feel sexy.

Women will respond to the image you project.

Refine Your Grooming Regime

Clean and neat counts! Find a grooming regime that works for you - and stay polished!

Get In Shape

Be Unique

Another important quality that women love in a man is individuality. Women love a man with a presence - someone unique.

Build Your Confidence

No matter where you are in your life, you should always know who you want to be.

Intrigue Her With Mystery

Another trait that many women find attractive is a little mystery in a man.

Don’t tell all right away - save something for later. You must hold back from telling a woman everything about yourself right away.

Challenge a woman to find out about you.

Intrigue the woman you are with and she will be more determined to find out all about you.

Show Her Respect

Give Her a Little Romance

Women always need reassurance. She needs to know she is needed and wanted.

Make Her Laugh

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