Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What will become of Pakistan?

How do we fight intolerance when even the influential people like Salman Taseer are killed for taking a stand? He had 27 bullet marks on his body. How could anyone survive this kind of attack? Yesterday I couldn’t get why the other personnel of Elite Guard didn’t shoot at the culprit but now we know that all of them have been arrested, cause they were aware of this plan. Qadri couldn’t have assassinated Salman Taseer if his colleagues were not involved.

On top of it, he had no remorse for murdering Salman Taseer. It has been reported that this man was removed from the Punjab Police Special Branch 3 years ago for having extremist views. And yet he was one of the guards of the governor when he had been receiving threats from the fanatics. Isn’t it ironic that a man who was supposed to protect the Punjab Governor actually assassinated him in front of other guards!

More than the culprit, it’s the people having biased views, clerics & other characters who instigate lunatics. It’s the fanatical mindset of people, which sadly cannot be changed. Salman Taseer only called it a black law & for having this view, fatwas were issued against him. This man is dead for helping out Asia Bibi who is falsely accused. Salman Taseer couldn’t have blotted out the law. He only protested against it. He only spoke against the applicability of the law, which is misused by many. He only expressed his viewpoint & he had been assassinated in the name of religion. I’m so sorry to say but this country has no future. If a fearless, bold politician speaks against a man-made law, people get hurt & kill him. There is no hope. It’s bullshit as long as we live, there is hope.

If the falsely accused are acquitted by the court of law, someone out there kills that person. Judges who have passed judgment in favor of the accused have been killed. Lawyers & anyone who sides with them are killed. Thanks to Zia-ul-Haq, countless innocent men & women have landed in jail due to these inhuman laws. And those who protest are also killed. What happened yesterday was the most high profile killing of a courageous politician!

The bottom line is: we shouldn’t protest against evil done by mortals in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Buddha was right that it is your mind that creates this world & if your mind is filled with hatred, naturally the world you create is nothing but a Valcone which is ready to erupt at any moment; such people can only commit hate crimes & kill people by giving justification that they have done it in the name of religion. As I see it religion has only become a source of discrimination by misguided who think they are 100 % right & they have the right to kill just anyone who is not as crazy as them.

Even though it’s clearly written in the Quran:

“O believers, look after your own souls. He who is astray cannot hurt you, if you are rightly guarded.’


"Thou guidest not whom thou likest, but God guides whom He wills & knows very well those that are guided."

Yet anyone who holds a different view is labeled a threat to religion.

This is another Quranic verse & everything is quite explicit in it but you have to have an open mind to understand it:

“There is a party of the People of the Book yearn to make you go astray; yet none they make to astray, except themselves, but they are not aware.”

Surah Imran

And of course the million dollar question is: who are these people?

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