Friday, January 21, 2011

Veena Malik has been the target

Last night I watched Frontline with Kamran Shahid & right at the outset, I want to say that I’m really ashamed of Pakistanis. I have a particular segment in my mind who have this holier than thou attitude. They think they have the right to judge anyone on this planet & they are the best. Besides being judgmental, they have no problem calling someone shameless, Non-Muslim & a threat to Islam. It’s okay to kill anyone they can’t stand.

The host Kamran Shahid was neutral & he didn’t make any scene at all. Mufti sahab turned out to be a hypocrite. He only listens to people & he has no problem in passing judgment. Veena Malik has been the target, cause she’s a woman in a male oriented society.

There are few questions: first of all, how come anyone becomes a threat to Islam? I think Islam can easily take care of itself. Does Islam belong to just few selected people? What do they mean by a kiss? Is pecking or hugging such a big deal? Why throwing dirt on a person such a fun hobby? Why judging someone else’s faith is the business of people?

It’s difficult for me to stay neutral & I’m, by all means, on Veena Malik’s side. What I find weird is that people were mum when she was on the show. When she was evicted, they went off their head. In fact, the frenzy continues, cause some people have nothing better to do. It’s true that a particular segment has this problem. I think they are jealous of her.

I still think that Veena was an embarrassment & I did crack some jokes on her, but that was in good humor. That mufti sahab was blabbing about some photos. I wonder what he had in his mind. He said that Veena won’t be able to watch those photos with her son & father. And then he said that he hasn’t seen anything, but he has heard everything from people & people are very mad at Veena’s behavior. People even called him from India. Nobody is supposed to judge her. Even if they think she’s guilty, who are they to attack her like vultures? God can take care of everything. Whatever it is, it’s between God & that particular person.

I also don’t think people have the right to call her slut. Why don’t they reflect upon their own lives? They may find themselves more guilty than anyone else.

Moreover, everything happens on TV these days. Pakistani dramas are really cheap. We all have seen models & actresses & how they dress up. I do not know what the hell these people are talking about. They may not be having serious sex & kisses in the real sense on TV, but other than that, everything happens.

Veena said lots of things in retaliation & I’m glad she did that. These maulanas rape their own students; all sorts of things happen in Pakistan. Nobody is an angel. It’s not just college students, even school kids indulge in all kinds of activities. It’s just that you can’t see that on TV. If a governor supports any helpless woman, he is murdered in broad day light. On top of it, these closed minds & fanatics keep on threatening everyone. When pregnant women are killed by their own families, they prefer to keep quiet. No one is bothered about infants who are killed on a daily basis.

If everyone is so noble & pure, how come we don’t see any love & affection on their faces? We do not want to support another person. We just want to demoralize & degrade that person. Is this what we call ethics?

Veena Malik supports her family. She looks after 6 siblings. No one mentions that, because they just want women to work & then they wait for an opportunity to attack her. I think it’s commendable on her part to say things on national TV yesterday. She’s really a bold person. And I totally agree with her that she hasn’t done anything that was never done before.

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