Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two pregnant women tortured & killed by husbands

2 pregnant women were killed in Khanewal & Vehari by their husbands. In-laws were also party to it. The police have arrested both the husbands & one of them has admitted his crime.

In both the cases, the husbands believed their wives had illicit relationships.

Asma, who was 8 month old pregnant was actually killed in front of her mother. They (the husband & his family) beat her with iron rods. The signs of torture were visible on the body of the victim. Moreover, they were about to bury her, but the police seized the body.

Shaista is the other victim. She was also 8 month pregnant & the husband suspected her of having an affair with someone. She died after severe torture. Her husband has admitted that he killed her, cause they used to have constant fights. She wanted him to move out of his parents’ house.

These are cold-blooded murders. It just proves that there is not much difference between humans & beasts. Husbands are ever ready to kill wives on suspicion & they usually get away with it as well.

Incidentally both the victims were 8 month pregnant. One has to be really heartless to go on torturing pregnant women. Can’t they just divorce women, if they think they have cheated on them? Is it essential to murder someone? Does that make anyone man enough? We all know the answer to it.

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