Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sad Old Building

I have seen this building often. Ever since I was a child I had seen it. It is in one of the oldest places of Karachi called Saddar. Ever since I could remember it was always such a sad looking structure and with time it is only getting worse. People still reside in this very old structured building made in the times when the British ruled over us. It is so old and obviously not maintained. It can fall down any day and hurt many people but no body really cares since the value of life is the cheapest here.

Just like this sad looking structure, I also observed that there are those who are flown by their explosive emotions. Anger, love, laughter, bitchiness. Everything is on the extreme. They don't realize what they are doing till they have done the damage. It is even more interesting to see very old extremists who have naturally spent a lifetime practicing this and damaging lots of spirits in their journey. Then suddenly, they feel like doing something else. May be pretend to be nice. Or perhaps they feel the memory of the injured spirit is kind of deleted or corrupted that he wouldn't remember a thing that was done in the past. 

It is like that feeling when a bitchy old man tries to pull the leg of a young man. Then he suddenly feels insulted and agitated because his stunt or joke was not appreciated. So he dedicates a status to the young man to insult him or get a reaction. He gets no attention so he feels more angry and he deletes him in rage. After two months he adds him up again. But why the hell would one do so after all the drama? Such people are like the sad old building up here...just that they have already fallen down a long time ago.

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