Tuesday, January 4, 2011

REPRISE OF LAST POST........2011 .......... HERE'S TO A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR ..........

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
Here's to a wonderful 2011, filled with everything that you wish for.
Please indulge me in a boastful moment,..... the fireworks in London were the best EVER......and our son mixed and produced all of the music that accompanied them !!!! It was the first time that London had music with the firework display, which made it even more special We are very proud of him.

Well done Daniel.....you did a great job.

In my excitement, I deleted the whole of this post and had to redo it......I lost all of your lovely comments so, if you have a spare moment,  feel free to re-comment, as I know that Daniel would love to read them !!!!

image - Reuters


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