Friday, January 21, 2011

Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Faces Criminal Charges

Finally we got something on Paris Hilton but it's not that hot. Her boyfriend, Cy Waits, faces criminal charges for driving under the influence of marijuana.

According to, Waits was charged with being under the influence of marijuana as well as charges of possession of marijuana and driving under the influence. Now if he’s convicted, then Cy would be behind bars for at least 4 years.

This incident happened on August 27, 2010. The police officer was suspicious. He could smell a vapor trail of marijuana coming from the SUV which was being driven by her boyfriend. A vehicle search turned up the remains of a moist marijuana cigarette. The officer found 0.8 grams of cocaine; in fact it fell out of Paris Hilton’s purse as she reached for her lip balm after the traffic stop. But Paris Hilton very innocently told the police that she thought it was gum rather than cocaine & it was her friend’s purse. I never thought she could use her brain cells. And I can’t say it about everyone, but crème de la crème won’t forgive me if I don’t mention that it was a Chanel purse.

Anyway, both of them were arrested, but Hilton is just being banned from 2 Wynn resorts & she’s also serving a year of probation. But Cy has committed a serious crime. Although drug possession is often a misdemeanor, it is a felony in Nevada to use or be under the influence of any illegal drug. Moreover, he failed sobriety tests at the time as well as the toxicology report.

However, the attorney of Waits is denying the charges.

"We are looking forward to vigorously defending the matter," Chesnoff (his attorney)said. "At this point it is just an allegation."

Now we just have to wait & find out whether Cy gets away with it or not.

Yeah, this is the same inseparable couple. They can’t think of spending a minute without each other. Maybe it’s all the more fun when they have cocaine, marijuana & other such stuff with them.

Wait's arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 17 in Las Vegas Justice Court.

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