Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mysterious Death

Yesterday I heard this story about a boy who is believed to have died after falling from a plane on the rooftop of a house in Al-Faisal Town. He was 19 year old but he hasn’t been identified as yet. Police said that they sent his fingerprints to NADRA for verification, but the officials of NADRA are denying that they got any specimen. Moreover, doctors haven’t conducted autopsy as yet.

Police haven’t registered an FIR. They suspect the boy was a contractual employee at the airport who tried to flee to Dubai by hiding in the wheels of a plane. The boy is said to have fallen from a height of about 700 to 100 feet.This sounds quite depressing. Someone must have been too desperate to get out of this country. Poverty can make one take such dangerous steps.

His body was found on the rooftop of Haji Afzal’s house. First he heard the rumble of a plane, which was followed by a loud thud on the rooftop. It’s a nightmare to discover a dead body on your rooftop. The police is investigating the authenticity of Afzal’s claim. But I don’t think anyone will invent this kind of story.

The skull of the boy was broken; both his arms & legs had fractured. He hands were blackened with grease & oil. 3 flights had taken off from the airport when this body was found. Although he was wearing the uniform of a cargo boy, but none of the crew members of the 3 flights is reported missing.

This is indeed a very mysterious death. Why would anyone do this to himself? Stowing away in a plane is nothing short of madness. But naturally the circumstances of the boy must have forced him. It also points out that people don’t have anyone to talk to or maybe when they talk, people tell them they have no sense. I find this story very saddening. He was only 19 year old, but he didn’t have any guidance whatsoever. He must have felt so frustrated that he was willing to take this kind of risk. What a painful death it must have been!

May his soul rest in peace!

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