Sunday, January 2, 2011

A mother of 12 children tortured by ex-husband

This is not a new story. Women are humiliated & insulted on a daily basis. Men think it’s their right to torture & beat the shit out of their wives ex-wives, sisters, daughters & in some cases, also mothers.

Today I read this story about a woman named Zohra who had been tortured by her ex-husband. She went to her ex-sister-in-law’s house as someone died over there. Her ex husband saw her & he was so pissed off that he held her at gun point & forced his nephews to shave off her head & eye brows. This is the height of insanity!

Zohra has filed a case against Abdul Sattar. All this happened in Larkana. Although the police raided the house of his sister, but he escaped. He hasn’t been located as yet. According to Zohra, he might be at her daughter’s house.

Well I do not know if there’s any justification for beating anyone, but men would give you 101 reasons. If a woman is a psycho, he has the right to hit her. Can’t you just leave her & move on?

I also read one comment in some other article that men who abuse women can’t understand English, so it would be a lot better if such articles are published in Urdu dailies. Maybe this person lives in another world or something. Domestic abuse, be it physical or sexual exists everywhere. You’re highly demented if you believe that it only happens in one specific class.

The wives of clerics are often admitted in the hospitals. They continuously have anal sex with them & women don’t even think that it’s an abuse. No one even talks about it, cause people love to keep mum about such things & the one who protests against it is of course sick.

Generally speaking, there are lots of people we can’t stand & they do get on our nerves. Naturally we leave them rather than beat or affront them. It’s another thing that annoying & clinging people don’t understand anything at all.

In this particular case, Zohra & Abdul Sattar have 12 kids. Its’ amusing that people manage to produce dozen kids even when they are not friends.And later on, they have no shame insulting & abusing the mother of their own kids.

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