Sunday, January 2, 2011

Man throws 3 bottles of acid on wife

This woman is struggling for her life at the Nishtar Hospital (Multan). She’s in critical condition. The doctors are surprised that she’s still alive. She has sustained 3rd degree burns all over her body.

Fauzia is 22 year old & she got married to Rashid 4 months ago. They were always fighting & he used to beat Fauzia. He was also a drug addict & he wasted all the money on drugs. This was the main reason of heated arguments between husband & wife. 3 days ago, Rashid after a fight threw 3 bottles of acid on her & just like other cases, the culprit has escaped. The police is on the look out.

The family has filed a case against Rashid but nothing has been done so far. Humans may think they have come far ahead, but they are still beasts. They break their own records of cruelty every day.

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