Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laugh Often

Smiling is one thing. Some people don't believe in smiling. They like to have this very stern, serious so called sexy expression on their face. They are in some sort of an attitude all the time. Even when they smile it is so fake. We can always see a lot of fake smiles...cloned fake smiles at beauty pageants that endorse Pretention to the core. I can almost see the fake smile of Aishwarya Rai when she went for the Miss World Contest. She was definitely in the top 10 worst looking participants that night with that grin adding to her personality completely. At that time she used to give a parrot's speech about peace and the woman's role in spreading peace and love everywhere she went. She did fix that smile quite a the grin sucks totally.

Aishwarya Rai when she won Miss World Crown in 1994 (16 years ago)

But true hearty laughter is the real thing. I knew an aunt whom I haven't seen in ages she laughed like a horse. It was so loud. There is a thought, that we should never really stop laughing because it is good for our health. It helps our immune system and it also boosts our intelligence.

Laughter is contagious they say, which is quite true. People in a group may follow one another when one person breaks into a good laugh. In many countries around the world, hospitals formally have group laughter therapy sessions for patients. India is one of the popular follower of laughter therapy where Laughing Clubs are just as popular as Rotary Clubs are in USA. 

I think we should definitely try it out someday...the laughter therapy and see the difference it makes in our life. My sister and I tried it one day but couldn't really even start the laughter itself. We didn't pursue it but hope to practice it. In Pakistan, people don't laugh much. Here people mostly watch news channels.

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