Saturday, January 15, 2011

It could have been anyone

Yesterday I watched No One Killed Jessica & my sister will write a review on it on the other blog. It’s all the more depressing to know that someone actually was killed in this manner & later on her family suffered like anything. What I find commendable is how people & the media put up the fight. Candle Light protest & Middle Finger protest were superb ideas.

What happened to Jessica could have happened to anyone. You don’t have to be a party person. You can be at the wrong place & someone will shoot you out of madness. Life is too cheap. When you watch the movie, you will think about other incidents in which justice has been denied & today no one even cares it. You only remember tragedies if they hit you hard.

Anyhow, NOKJ is a must watch. The character of Vidya Balan is realistic & I would say it’s all in all Vidya’s movie. Rani has performed well, but I personally think Priyanka Chopra or someone like Mallika Sherawat could have done a better role. There was too much effort on Rani’s part & she couldn’t make a deep impact. Even when she said what the fuck or shut the fuck up, it wasn’t big deal. Haan that Hindi dialogue ‘wahan hotay tou…’ was delivered very nicely. That character was an amalgam of 15 journalists & I think it was a difficult character. Priyanka would have been the best person to pull it. You needed someone really smart. Since Raj Kumar Gupta is in love with Rani, so it’s understandable.

Jessica Lall was just 34 year old when she was murdered. Although 300 people were present at that socialite party & yet the accused was acquitted the 1st time in 2006. Even her so-called friend kept changing his statement. It makes us question about our best people who would change statements under pressure.

But thank God the culprit is in prison now where he belongs & this is certainly the victory of people & the media.

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