Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is Age really such a big issue?

I have been wondering if age is really such a big deal as people make it out to be. Or maybe people have turned it into a big monster just to make others feel bad. I believe we may not notice what’s missing in our lives, if people (including family, relatives & friends) don’t point it out.

2 days ago I was reading a short story in which a 54 year old woman elopes with another old man. She was a spinster & no one really cares whether she was happy or not, but when she elopes, her brother-in-law very conveniently says, ‘I think it’s positively improper for her to think of marriage.’

Many would even call her desperate. Almost everyone has the craving to be married or at least be in a proper relationship with someone. But I’ve noticed that not just in books, but also in real life when anyone who is much older (according to the worldly concept) marries someone, people have problem with it.

Isn’t it weird that after a particular age, you can’t do certain things! I think every human has desires. You can even think about sleeping with someone you don’t even know. I think it’s natural to get attracted; in fact, it could happen any time & this is nothing sick.

Some people are only concerned about the marriage of one gender. As if the other one doesn’t feel anything at all. And the biggest factor to decide everything is the age of a woman. These are man-made rules. There is no where written in any Holy book that after a certain age, you shouldn’t think about marriage or it’s improper. In many cases, parents do not bother to look for anyone. Is this the fault of a girl? I don’t think so. It’s just that she’s unlucky, but if she meets someone at a later age, everyone will go mad, even those who are not concerned.

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