Thursday, January 20, 2011

Infinitely worthless!

Friends can disappoint us big time & yesterday we were talking about Shayan Munshi. He was a key witness in Jessica Lall’s case, but he turned hostile. He was also her friend, which is why it seems too low.

Friends are people we say things to without even thinking & when they stab in your back or desert you in trouble…that hurts. Of course wounds heal & you move on.

I don’t make best friends anymore but I was thinking about my best friend yesterday & now I don’t understand how that friendship even lasted for 16, 17 years. Maybe it was 18 years. Although I’m a recluse now, but I can talk to anyone. Class difference never bothers me as such. I have been friends with all sorts of people. And on a couple of occasions, my best friend was shocked out of her wits when she saw me talking to very rich kids but she totally ignored when it was anyone from the lower class. So far as rich people were concerned, she used to inquire about everything & the questions were always stupid. I was also friends with few girls in the Cambridge section & it was invariably big deal for her.

It was too shocking for her when I started adopting stray cats. Later on, she told me that she thought I was mad. I never thought she was mad when she narrated all sorts of juicy stories to me. And I was stupid enough to even have a fight with someone who called her a slut.

Once she said to me that she would never go to Orient, cause she thinks it’s such an Urdu medium agency & people are all very Urdu medium & cheap but she suggested that I could work over there. Although we never worked together, but she also said to me…’see if you & I ever work together, we can’t act as friends at the agency’. I guess sometimes you don’t need to say such bitchy things.

Anyway life is really odd; it mostly gives us the chance to throw the last card.

However, I do feel bad that I keep my good friends at a distance. And yes I have come across bitches & assholes just like any average person & they don’t mean much to me. I just want to say that I even talk to peons, maids or servants nicely, so if at any point, I have been very nice, it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t give attitude to people unless they force me to treat them like dirt.

And I’m so sorry to say but if anyone will shoot me in front of my pals/so-called pals, I don’t think my friends would act any different than Shayan Munshi.

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