Friday, January 21, 2011

I Am An Addict

I have read and heard this many times that internet and virtual world is contributing greatly in isolating people from the real life to a virtual life. People who spend too much time on the internet and social networking sites  don't really have real friends and groups to hang out with nor do they spend healthy time in out door physical activities. 

Thus now a study conducted by University of Maryland's International Center for Media and the Public Agenda and the Salzburf Global Seminar's Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change has proved the fact that people who use social media frequently are displaying symptoms similar to alcohol and drug addicts. They end up having physical and mental anxiety.

Now, the real issue is with social media entrepreneurs, marketers and those who have a job that requires them to work on social networking sites to share large amounts of information are the real target of becoming addicts. More on the article goes on to say that such people will have no friends when they will retire.

This is not a shocker...some people have such jobs and some people do it for fun. One is essential and the other can be controlled. Some people like to do hard core corporate jobs that can be really painful and stressful as well on the other hand and can be the cause of early grey hair, baldness, back problems and heart attacks. 

But yes, the important thing is to be aware of such news. I say there have always been people who are introverts, recluse and who don't like to socially interact, much before the social media arrival. Such people are just never accepted ever.

Ok I am an addict too, I will take their words. I worked the same way when I wasn't into social media too. The choice is between working in peace and having fun at the same time and guess what I have friends too :) 

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