Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hell on Earth!

Last night Z & I were having this discussion on Pakistan. And it’s really very disturbing to know that few days ago, people killed in broad day light to Hafiz-e-Quran (Muneeb & Mugheez) & right now a fanatic has killed Salman Taseer as he spoke against Blasphemy law. No one was supposed to call him martyr On TV even though he is one, cause he was fighting for a just cause.

Besides being an intolerant society, there is an abnormal kind of imbalance. What do exactly people want in this country?

Some people think it’s okay to kill Ahmedis. If a sex-worker is raped, they raise fingers at her profession & character. If a person commits suicide, they weigh his faith. And not just that, they also question the innocence of 2 boys who were killed by a crazy mob. They question the character of girls if they speak against a figure who is into harassing. Some people ask us not to be surprised when innocent people are being lynched. Some people just support terrorists, cause that terrorist happens to be Muslim & if you don’t support that terrorist, you are kafir. You are kafir when you are not with them. They question everything, cause they are the most insensitive specie right now in the universe. But unfortunately they don’t feel anything.

One thing is clear, however. We must forget about Hudood laws & Blasphemy law. These are sensitive issues. In fact, we must not protest against wrong anymore, cause we may get killed.

Now I don’t understand why Pakistan was created. We don’t need Taliban in this country. We have extremists everywhere. And it’s not just the illiterates, even the so-called educated ones are the same. They can’t stand you, if you have a different opinion. They hate you when they can’t impose their opinion on you. This is nothing, but hell on Earth.

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