Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Harry Potter pets

This is such a cute idea. I’m a fan of Harry Potter, but my siblings can’t stand Harry Potty. That’s what they call him. This is one of the reasons why I hardly get to watch the movies on it. However, I don’t like J. K. Rowling as such. She very conveniently steals from here & there, & then she gets away with it as well. And to this day I can’t understand as to why Dumbledore was shown gay in the last book. Moreover, J. K. Rowling was seen wearing T-shirt that read Dumbledore is gay. What could be more absurd than that! It just didn’t look good on her. I don’t think bad of gays. I’m totally on their side, but I don’t think this kind of change was required in the book. Plus her obsession with Holy Grail & depicting Harry as someone having royal-cum-pure blood was annoying. But anyway, she has written good books after stealing from others.

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