Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa!

I just can’t believe that 18 years have passed without him. In fact it’s 18 & a half year…almost 2 decades.

Well I find it very dramatic that some people never die, they live in the memories. I don’t know if I could say this about Papa. I don’t have so many memories. I just see my father in the passages that he marked & that’s how I try to know him.

Yes I’ve heard stories about him. He was well-liked by many & he had a very charming personality. And I’m really proud of him. He was a fighter & he had faced some very tough years when I was a child. I was in 7th grade when he won the case in the Supreme Court against the government. He was suspended for taking the action that the government didn’t want him to take, but he did, cause he thought he was right. Yesterday I was thinking that it must have been a very tough time for him, but I admire his guts. Putting up a fight with the government requires a lot of courage. However, I think it would have been a lot better, if he had been writer rather than a Civil Servant.

There is one word which I can use for both my parents & that is cool. It makes a hell of a difference if you are raised by open minds. I could say anything to my mom now & by anything, I mean anything….even things that I wouldn’t say to my friends & yeah that includes guys that I wanted to know, but couldn’t. Papa was also not any different. In fact I’ve always liked him more than my mom.

Unfortunately I drifted away from both Ammi & Papa while I was a teenager. Although I became friends with my mom when I was 25+, but Papa died while I was still young. I do feel bad about it. I was 3 days old when I started talking to Papa & he had his posting in Quetta at that time, but he used to come every weekend to see me & by the time, I was 2 year old, I could express myself very clearly & I think the credit goes to my father.

The best thing that I like about Papa was his grin; he was so full of life & I wish I had been as confident as him. And my father used to get irritated when people called him beautiful & praised him about his looks. He said that he would preferred to be called scholar. I think that was cute.

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