Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hachiko – the hero dog

After watching No One Killed Jessica, somehow I couldn’t help thinking about Hachiko. This dog waited for his owner outside the railway station for 9 years. When you look at his pics, you can see so much sadness in his eyes. I cannot think of watching that movie again. It was too much to see that anguish & pain. When he couldn’t walk properly, even then he waited & waited till he died in his sleep.

People used to give him food & one of the students of his owner even wrote about him in the newspaper while Hachiko was alive. His story became popular cause of his unyielding loyalty & devotion to a dead master. He used to wait for the professor at Shibuya station to return from work, but one day the professor suffered a stroke at the university & never returned.

Anyhow, they made his monument in his lifetime. However, Hachiko’s life was indeed very sad. I did learn one thing: it’s better to see the death of our pet. It might be the biggest grief, but it’s nothing as compared to the suffering of an innocent pet. I would never want any of my pet to wait for me.

Hachiko was far better than humans who have forgotten everything about loyalty.

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