Friday, January 21, 2011

Divorce Is Contagious

It surely seems true to me. I know so many people myself in Pakistan who got married and then got divorced in just an year or so. Sometimes, even couples who have spent decades together end up having a divorce. I don't know what or how it happens. I have little knowledge of that.

But a new study reveals, that if a couple in your circle decides to get a divorce, your own chances of getting a divorce go as high as 75% thus indicating that divorce is perhaps a contagious process. The research is led by Brown University's psychologist, Rose Mc Dermott who has studied over 12000 residents of Framingham since 1948 and believes that divorce is like a virus. It does not matter if there are kids or no kids in the marriage. The children do not decide the fate of any marriage.

Well, I have seen it happening in the show biz a lot. Famous celebrities are all the time splitting up. Even in Pakistan, divorce rates are rising now especially in urban areas. I heard of someone who was in love with somebody for many years. The couple was madly in love and had courtship for quite a long time and then they got divorced in less than a year. They said, the two didn't REALLY know each other well enough to spend their lives together. 

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