Friday, January 7, 2011

Couple Aborted Twin Boys in Hopes for a Baby Girl

An Australian couple aborted their twin boys in hopes that they could have a baby girl in the future. The couple went through IVF treatments to conceive after they lost a baby girl shortly after her birth. They already have three healthy boys from natural conception, but are desperate to conceive a girl

The couple had their boys aborted because they “could not continue to have an unlimited number of children.” They are petitioning the Victoria Civil and Administrative Tribunal to allow them to perform sex selection through another round of IVF treatments. In Australia, the Victoria’s Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act of 2008 does not allow sex selection unless it will reduce the chance of the transmitting a genetic condition from parent to child.

As usual people have problem with this as well. They are saying this couple is trying to control God’s work (or biology’s depending on what you believe). The horrible part of this story is not that they would like to control what sex of baby they have, but what means they are willing to go to be sure it happens. Nobody should be permitted to go through IVF treatments and then abort the successful pregnancy because they don’t want another boy. How many times will they be permitted to harm innocent human beings? And if they get a girl, how can they be sure that baby will live up to the expectations they have for her? It’s just mortifying to think this couple may get away with murder, and then be disappointed in the results when they finally do get the girl they’ve wanted for so long.

Science has become a real source of headache lately. I just couldn’t understand as to what is wrong with choosing the gender of the baby. Although what the couple is doing sounds awful. Aborting babies is not the right option. But what about all those people who are killing illegitimate babies on a daily basis; in fact, they murder the infants after they are born. They throw them in garbage sites where strays attack them. They even pour acid on these infants. They also kill the infants with bare hands. Why aren’t people fighting for those babies? People actually have no time for such babies. They are more worried about who is aborted & who is yet to conceive. Besides that they have all the time in the world to judge this couple.

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