Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Controversial series 'Joy Of Teen Sex'

A graphic Channel 4 show that teaches teenagers Kama Sutra positions has been branded as 'porn' by the UK's leading broadcasting watchdog. Controversial new series The Joy Of Teen Sex aims to offer advice to youngsters concerned about their sex lives. But the programme contains graphic scenes of lesbian sex as well as offering a 'guide to anal sex'.

I guess different people will have different views on it. The purpose of pornography is to arouse people & by watching this, teenagers will definitely get excited about experiencing stuff that parents may not like. In any case, they will try out things no matter what. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but you can’t teach the art of love-making to kids at such a tender age. They may get excited, which is natural but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever get hurt.

Moreover, teenagers will get hold of porn stuff. I don’t think Channel 4 needs to educate them about healthy sex. They are capable of exploring sex on their own without any help. And right now I think the concept of Kama Sutra would be much above them. Can you actually give practical advice on sex to teenagers? Is it possible to teach stimulation of desire or to look for a steady lover or arousing a weakened sexual power? I think these things happen naturally. We don’t need to teach teenagers that they should answer the doorbell wearing bathrobe & once the door is closed, they should reveal what’s beneath. Anyone can do wonders with his/her hands…even when you ban your hands, you can still have fun.

There are millions of nonsexual ways to show someone you like them & the thing is if you really want to be loved, then you must honour your man or woman. How come no one ever educate this?

Oh by the way grey is the least erotic colour.

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