Monday, January 24, 2011


When I was a child, many, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away !!!! this would have been the scene on a Sunday at lunch time, with Mum and Dad on the other side of the table. Don't get me's not a criticism.....Sunday lunch was always delicious and probably the best meal of the week. This then became a Sunday ritual when I got married and had children, but now they are grown up and have their own Sunday lunches so, together with friend's, Mr. Home and I can often be found having our Sunday lunch cooked for us in some pub of another.

Yesterday was one such Sunday and it was the turn of The Albion to be graced with our presence.

The Albion is a Georgian pub where regulars would take an afternoon stroll,out of the city and call in for a drink and a bite to eat.

Situated just behind bustling Upper Street in the centre of Islington, London, in the beautiful Barnsbury conservation area, it won the 'Observer Food  Monthly award' for 'Best Sunday Lunch 2009' and is one of the Independent's  ' Top 50 Sunday Lunch Venues'  and The Guardian's ' Best Pub's in the UK'.

We all had the 30 Day Prime Rib Steak .......... it was divine !!

After eating a plateful that even Henry V111 would be proud of, all washed down with a couple of glasses of red wine, it is appropriate to have a stroll around the area and have a good old nose at the gorgeous Georgian houses..........

There are one after the other of beautiful Georgian homes, all preserved beautifully, and , although quite modest in size, are WAY out of our price range !! Because of where they are they are all well into the millions of ££££'s.......... lots of millions of ££££'s !! 

I don't think that he was very happy that I was taking a photograph of his house !!!!

The Drapers Arm's is another pub in the same area which, I feel sure, will be getting a visit from us in the not too distant future !!

After all of that food, drink and strolling, a little lie down was called for .......... I feel a week of salads coming on !!

image 1 - flickr, image 6 - via plumb interior design, image 7- Michael Franke, image 9 - via thirtyoneseventyfive, image 23 - Agata Stoinska.
All other photographs by me.


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