Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chinese mistress posts nude pictures of government official on web

Zhang Yan, 25, posted pictures of her middle-aged lover asleep and undressed in bed, wearing a facial beauty mask and walking with her on the beach.

She claimed that her lover, Liu Xiaohui, had initially raped her in September 2007, but had then showered her with attention until she agreed to be his mistress.

"He told me tenderly how much he loved me, how much he wanted to get divorced in order to be with me," she wrote. "When I needed him, he came immediately. So I fell head over heels into the bottomless pit of no return."

She claimed they had moved in together in September 2009, but that he stopped pursuing a divorce because he was up for a promotion and then eventually disappeared, claiming to be on an extended business trip.

In the wake of the scandal, Mr Liu has been fired from his job as the deputy head of Suzhou's Birth Control and Family Planning department and dismissed from the Communist party.

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