Saturday, January 8, 2011

China Creating Marriage Database to Expose Cheaters

The government in China is creating a marriage database, which it hopes will be a useful tool to expose cheaters. As the wealth in the country has exploded, it has created a culture of secret mistresses and second wives, even though bigamy in China is illegal.

According to a recent report, Beijing and Shanghai will be among the first places to put a marriage database online this year. The plan is to have records for all of China online by 2015.

Can’t say if exposing cheaters will solve the problem? Those who cheat on their spouses will find a way to cheat no matter what. However, it’s good that China is taking this step. It would be so much better if they would do something kind for animals in their country as well.

Moreover, it’s just not in China, we all know there are women who accept their husbands & have no problem with cheating, cause they have this mentality that at the end of the day my husband will come back to me.

I think the best way to spite your unfaithful spouse/loved one is to have some fun with someone else for a while. You don’t have to have real fun or an affair…you can just pretend. This gives instant result. Or you can just leave the person but that is not very easy, particularly if you have kids & you are greedy. Speaking of which reminds me of women who keep an eye on their loose husbands & only get headaches & tensions. Just what’s the use if shit returns to you at the end of the day? Everything is tainted now. Love above everything else is the biggest joke of the century.

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