Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheap Publicity Stunts

I know this topic is getting boring but Neetu Chandra has forced me to scribbled few words on panty stunts or pussy day out. This lady said that she doesn’t have Yana Gupta syndrome & she doesn’t want cheap publicity to stay in news. Yeah it all sounds very decent, but when you look at the pic & you don’t have to look at it that closely, you would know the answer. But this woman has been cheap enough to deny everything.

Her sister is so very decent, but God knows what went in her head on that particular day. The media made so much fun of her fanny. You'd come across such pathetic pics on the net. Actually it's the same pic, but they have made it all the more disgusting by their comments. Maybe Shamita took the song 'Yeh pyaas kahin kar day na mujhay pagal' too seriously.

As I always say she has been a major source of embarrassment for us Pakistanis. I can't say she has given the word orgasm a new dimension, cause it would be unfair, but this woman is invariably lost in the world of Big O. What a pity someone has filed a case against her!

It's excellent fun to comment on such pics. It reminds me of something I read long time ago: 'a sweetness so extreme that one could never possibly wish it to stop.' But she looks bad.

Seriously speaking, I never expected Yana Gupta to be so desperate.

When I saw this particular pic, I went off my head. Rahul Khanna was there.

Anyhow, all these women have been laughing stock. They may think the stunt is sexy or whatever. And forget about what people think...Don't they have any self-respect? And how do they face their families?
No one actually cares 2 fucks about them, but everyone is interested in cheapness. Plus everyone has it or they can have what's the point to go without panties?

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