Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Boy Who Fell Off The Plane

On Sunday, we got to know that an unidentified body of a young teenager was found at the roof top at a residential apartment in Al Faisal Town, Lahore. People reported that they saw a plane flying off first and then they saw a live boy falling off from the sky on to the roof top where he was found dead. His body was all fractured and broken. The skull itself broke and hardly anything survived after falling off from such a great height.

The body was not identified. The boy was seen in the cargo officer uniform. It was said that the boy was hiding on the plane's tyre and planned to go to Dubai hiding in there. But somehow, he got confused and died as a result. It was an Air Blue flight which was going to Dubai. There were reports that when the flight took off the pilot reported that there was a problem in the landing gear but then after some time the problem was resolved.

We just got to know that the boy is a 19 year old boy named Qasim from Lahore. He was a school going student and was missing from a few days as his mother reported that he left for school in uniform with his friend but didn't return for a few days. They were searching for him. Somebody from the airport said, that they found a bag at the airport with a uniform and some books that helped them to identify that the dead boy was in fact Qasim.

His mother denied the fact that Qasim didn't want to go anywhere out of the country. Or perhaps she was unaware of what was going on in his mind. It is a sad situation though. Only the boy himself could have told what was going on in his mind. If he was really tired of the way things were and wanted to run away from this country. Or what is all a joke or some daring stunt he wanted to pull off or was he too inspired by some more. We can't tell. Life seems so unimportant it seems.

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