Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Pakistanis

I have been thinking of making a list of beautiful Pakistanis but whenever I come online, I just don’t feel like it. Mostly the things I talk about my country are not that great & naturally this kind of list seems a very stupid idea.

Moreover, so far as beauty is concerned, I have always liked Western folks. Desi beauty doesn’t appeal to me unless there is something different about it. We raise altars of people who are quite mediocre & if there is someone good enough, people find faults in him/her.

Anyhow my list is not that long. I think Waheed Murad is by far the most beautiful man. I think Zeba, Nadeem, Shabnam, Reema, Shaan, Sameena Pirzada, Jawaid Sheikh, Iman Ali, Zoella & Ali Zafar are also some very beautiful people. Although Ali Zafar doesn’t have that charm. When he opens his mouth, you just want him to shut up. Zoella was a big time liar. I wonder if she really went to uni, cause she was all the time telling a different story. Even when Reema, Shaan & Iman Ali talk, it’s not that impressive. There’s one thing I like about Shaan…he’s a very cool father & he keeps his daughters away from the media.

Most people regard Noori brothers as good-looking, but I don’t like them. Although they are good-looking, but there is something very repulsive about them. Maybe it’s their attitude.

Anyhow, this is my list & it’s not the final word. One of my neighbors was very beautiful. In fact he was a Greek God. I believe anyone would start sketching if that sort of beauty appears out of no where.

I also find Mushy very cute. He’s such a darling. What a pity he had to take off his uniform! And I’m sure people must be very happy with everything right now.

And last but not least, Mr. Jinnah was of course very charming. He was the best thing that happened to Pakistan.

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